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Latest News: May 2021

Over the weekend of May 22/23 five WICEN members travelled to the Boyne Valley south of Gladstone to provide communications for the Curtis Coast Trail Riders annual event.
Several hundred riders took part and the advanced track was over 30km through some rugged mountain and creek terrain. There was also a novice track as well as a PeeWee Track.
We set up a base camp and two bush stations to give the Sweep Riders a known point of communications in case of breakdown or accident.
Catering was provided by the Calliope P&C and we even had a coffee and ice-cream van.


On Admin Hill the Trail Rider's club opened up their magnificent Trailer. The sides open and all their admin requirements are right to hand.
We put our Base station beside their trailer to relay messages, and we also camped up on the hill with the organisers.
We had a great campsite and watched 'bush telly' well into the night.
admin adminCamp

Just some of the bikes, making their way around the rugged course.
A Junior rider clinic was held and shepherded by 4 adults sweep riders, they were taken over a 12km section of the Advanced track. You've never seen such keen youngsters... when the trail boss said, 'follow me', they were off!
bikes juniors

A composite image of the camp shows there is plenty of room to spread out, pitch a tent or pull up a caravan. camp

Past News Stories


Curtis Coast Trail Ride Clarkeys


Each year we support the Curtis Coast Trail Ride Club on their weekend bush adventure.
It was held at Clakeys up near Lowmead for many years but has now moved to Ubobo.
WICEN members camp overnight and operate bush comms sites during the 2-day event.
The purpose is to provide support to a community venture but it's also a great time to test our gear in real-life situations, running on batteries.
Cancelled in 2020 ... we'll be back in 2021 at the Ubobo site.


Emergency Expo Wartburg


Our WICEN group was invited to display at the Emergency Open Day organised by Rural Fire groups in the Northern region.
WICEN members travelled up to Baffle Creek to display our Portable Emergency Station Case & ICOM mobile back-pack.
The event was held at Wartburg on a community oval behind the SES and Rural Fires building. It was a large affair and well attended by Emergency Response organisations & the public. Community groups like Red Cross and Ozcare were on display as well.
While the aim of the day was to show the community that each household has a responsibility to be prepared, most organisations were also on the lookout for new members.
It was a fun day to get the community involved and give them advice on what help is available for those affected by a disaster.


Field Day 4 Teams

4 Team Link Up

Prior to storm season we test our reliability and this 4-team field exercise saw 3 teams in various parks and the Base Station was the 4th team. The objective was to follow the Net Controller testing radios & batteries.
Base called the teams at Norville, Burrum Heads, Baldwin Swamp (a Bundy low-point) following a schedule as we tested the 2M Town Repeater, 70cm on Mt Watalgan, then Mt. Goonaneman 2M & 70CM repeaters and finally a check on the Simplex 146.500MHz.
The equipment performed well and congratulations to our WICEN members and thanks for taking the time to prepare for our upcoming storm season. We have fingers crossed that we won't be needed but we are prepared.


Weather Watching Cyclones

BOM Link

Weather Watch

As part of the Bundaberg Disaster Management Plan we receive regular updates on weather patterns likely to impact our region.
The first alerts remind us to watch the BOM weather predictions, and prepare to be activated if it becomes more severe or the plotted path is likely to impact the Bundaberg Council's vast area.

Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club BARC



Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club sponsors and finances the WICEN group
When students train with the club for the Foundation Licence they are exposed to the WICEN ideology and a fair portion of them go on to become our trained operators.

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